Sabo Wakamatsu – A place for drinking tea

Enjoy and Relax at Sabowaka, Oishii ♥ in Handa city

Wakamatsuken, a traditional Japanese sweet bean shop in Handa that has been opened since 1900 has it's café serving delicious green tea, coffee, ammitsu, zennzai, and it's hand made original manjū (sweet bean).

It is made by our professional staffs from selected natural materials that is healthy and good for our body.

Please enjoy this delicious natural food with it's natural taste.

We are looking forward to serving you.




Enjoy the original Japanese sweet with fresh straight fruits. It is up to the visitors preference, they could select either the manju sweet, namely 'koshi-an' (smooth paste) and 'tsubu-an' (paste containing pieces of azuki beans skin). Please have it with rich flavor of black syrup (molasses or dark molasses).


It is luxurious sweets of the winter….
Enjoy the rich taste of ‘tsuboan’ sweet.


A hand drip coffee is carefully prepared.
(roasted coffee beans from Sizuoka Tori Sen Coffee shop are used).


We also use the powdered green tea Uji, Kyoto.
We provide Japanese sweets of the season.

Wakamatsuken / Sabo Wakamatsu
2-12 Ginza Honmachi, Handa-shi,
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Shop: 9:00 - 19:00
Sat. - Sun.: Close: 18:00
Cafe: 9:00 - 15:00
Thu. and the first Wed.
of the month are closed.
No Smoking
no smoking